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Short and sweet, pinned instead of knotted, these neckpieces are handwoven and dyed an array of delightful accessory colours. Fringes might be short, long or long twisted. Wrapped up close on top of a winter coat, or open around the shoulders over a summer dress, the soft lightweight fabric holds lovely shapes held with a slim wooden pin. Draped straight down with a single fold they complement tailored jackets. 

Width varies from 6" to 36" long including fringes. A wide variety of colours are usually available, please inquire. 

Fine finished wooden pin is included. 

The kid mohair fabric resists soiling, but is easily washed by soaking in a cool rinse with a small amount of shampoo or gentle detergent. Do not wring, shake out and lay flat to dry. 

Pinned Collars

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