Welcome to Wild Mohair

Originally established as Wild Haliburton Elephant Weavers in 2008, our Wild Mohair studio handcrafts with only the finest kid mohair. Our collections include throws, winter scarves, caps, shawls and knitting yarns.

A Weaving Story

The simple interlacing of threads is such a humble source for the luxury that we are afforded by textiles in our lives. Sitting at the loom, arms and legs balanced in the rhythm of this ancient practice brings the weaver to a state of ease and presence.

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Hand Dyed With Love

All of our yarns come specially spun from only the softest and strongest kid mohair fibres in the natural cream colour of the fibre. In the studio, colour is applied using variety of methods, from traditional immersion, through colour blocking resists, and to painted applications using brushes and spray. Colour may be applied to the yarn or to the finished products.

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All About Knitting

Transforming a line of yarn into threedimensional surfaces and sculptures holds infinite possiblilties. The knitting process is a state of mind engaging creativity, sculpture, colour and function.

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The Loomscape

Simple sticks and threads engage generating woven cloth to be cut apart, dyed, fulled, brushed and glazed into an exquisitely finished brushed kid mohair throws and accessories.

Woven and Painted Pattern Throws