Dearest Dar

I’m over the moon with our selections, simply over…. Truly, I had great faith in you from the get-go though I never imagined your mohairs would be so beautiful—and so so soft! I love what I’ll call the knit-pearl stitch—the small loops throughout. Makes the texture even more sublime.

Thank you ever ever so much for your time and patience as we narrowed it to three. Not easily done via telephone and email. One more thing—please let me know when you have updated your website to include your new creations. I’m in the market for a couple more at least. Oh, please thank Charlie for me.

Til x, MC

Turned out perfectly with the pattern! Beat 4th stage cancer while knitting it. Goats heal !!! Feel free to share the pic and story. PS. Forgot to mention that knitting was my meditation, I healed stage 4 breast cancer all naturally. ... N.M.

Hi WHEW Weavers ... I received my sacred throw in the mail yesterday. Today's breath of cool weather allowed me to wrap myself in its warmth and feel its healing energy. My aching legs, from a week of sitting in a conference, began to pulsate under the warmth of the turquoise mohair ... I can say you have truly delivered my vision as I dreamed. Thank you so much for having the knowledge, skill set and imagination to create this for me. It is all that I imagined and then some ... M.C.

Hi Dar and Charlie,

I just wanted to let you know that my throw looks perfect in my living room. It adds that spark of colour that was needed. I`m delighted with it . Thank you for the opportunity to exchange it and to meet you both. ( it was an interesting drive home on the back roads too)

Take care. ... N

Thought that you and Charlie would enjoy seeing the fuzzy snuggle love that your blankets share. I found H. looking like this, this morning. :)  ... S