Kid Mohair

Yarn spun from the long silky fibres produced by the angora goat is soft with a luxurious rich lustre and enviable strength. Mohair will not crush or pill, and will resist wrinkling and shrinking, providing good insulation even when wet.

Kid mohair, from the first shearing of the young goat, lacks the scales (irritating) and dander (allergy trigger) found in wool fibre, and is non irritating, even to people with sensitive skin. Unlike the adult mohair which is strong but prickly on the skin, it is as soft as silk to the touch. Our favourite yarn is a classically spun design which provides maximum strength and pure kid mohair surface, or nap. This yarn is spun around a core of wool which is coated in kid mohair fibres, and then bound with a very fine filament of nylon for strength. 

We love to play with a broad palette of not only colour but textures, and continue to experiment with kid mohair yarns from mills around the world.  Wild Mohair brushed kid mohair throws are warmer, lighter, and more durable than throws made of other natural or synthetic yarns. They are perfect for cool summer evenings as well as cosy winter nights by the fire.